A. Health Education
Health Education concerning prevailing health problems and method of preventing and controlling them.
B. Immunization
Immunization against major infectious diseases.
C. Healthy Lifestyles
Promotion of healthy lifestyles.
D. Disease Prevention
Prevention of locally Endemic / Epidemic diseases like Malaria, HIV and TB.
E. Medical Care
Appropriate Medical care of common diseases & injuries among various age groups. E.g (Malnutrition; Infections like malaria, pneumonias, typhoid fever, diarrhea diseases, measles, HIV/AIDS; Neonatal jaundice; Chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes e.t.c).
F. Surgical Care
Appropriate Surgical care of conditions, common diseases & injuries among various age groups. E.g (uterine evacuations, salpingectomy, Caesarean deliveries, Appendectomy, Excisions, circumcision of males e.t.c).
G. Laborarory Services
Laboratory services: Microbiology, hematology and some chemistry tests.
H. Essential Drugs
Provision of essential drugs.
I. Hospitalization
Hospitalization for cases requiring inpatient management.
J. Maternal & Child Health Services
Maternal & Child Health services including Antenatal Care Services, Labor and Delivery services, Family Planning & Immunization services.
K. Client Referral
Referrals of clients to specialist and secondary / tertiary centers for services we are not able to render.
L. Ultrasound Services
Ultrasound services in the field of Obstetrics, Gynecology, Abdomen and others.